by Chuck Graziano
©2007 Inspired Performance Coaching

Whether you’re contemplating your first tri or you’ve done a few, one of the more stressful aspects of preparation can be “what not to forget”.  As for me, I’ve done more than my share of races and over the years, I’ve forgotten various items that create a lot of unneeded stress on the trip. I’ve learned not to rely on my head when it comes to packing for a trip. I’ve developed a checklist that pretty much lists everything I’d need. You’ll have to customize your own, but I’ve tried to include as many things below as I could think of (I don’t pack all of these for myself but the list below is intended to be “food for thought” so that you can use it as a model from which to develop your own).

Click Here to download a pdf of the Triathalon Packing Checklist for Longer Distance Events.