IP Multisport Testimonials

Chuck has been my coach for more than two years now. Inspired Performance Coaching has been terrific. I love the program. It keeps me motivated and focused. Thank you again for all your help. I can see and feel the difference in every aspect of my life due to your training plan.

Recently, I’ve been able to accomplish some “podium finishes” because I follow the training plan that is created for me. I’m now looking forward to my first Ironman event in Tempe, Arizona and I’m confident that Chuck will help me achieve my goal!

Bobby Cooper

I have been working with Chuck Graziano since 2002 and would very highly recommend him if you are serious about the sport of triathlon.  When I first started working with Chuck the workouts at times seemed too easy, but within a very short time when I competed in my first Olympic Distance race under his guidance, I was able to take 27 minutes off my time from the previous year.  From there I was hooked and sold out to the structure of training which Chuck is so good a laying out. Last year I finished within just a few short minutes of landing a qualifying slot to Kona at Ironman Arizona in the 40-44 year old age group.  I would not have been able to come this far without Chuck’s help.  I feel confident that we will get to Hawaii within this next year.  Thanks Chuck

Rich Kiser
Grand Junction, CO

IP Multisport Testimonials

I have been coached by Chuck for 4 years. When I started with him, I had never competed in a triathlon or marathon. Last year I finished the NYC Marathon and completed a Half Ironman as well as several other races. These were breakthrough performances for me and I now see possibilities in my training and racing that never seemed achievable previously. Without Chuck’s counsel, support and diligent follow-up, I would have not been properly prepared.

Paul Schaye
New York, New York

When I first started with Chuck as my coach, I did not understand any of the concepts of periodized training or heart rate zones. I come from a Sports Federation environment with all very competitive young guys half my age. I overtrained myself so badly that I looked and felt sick. Chuck’s training was like a lightning strike. The concepts and basis for his training approach is absolutely solid. My training program produced great results. Completing my first Ironman after six months of training with Chuck had me looking and feeling great. After working with Chuck for the first year, I was able to shave off over 1 hour from my previous best time! We are now working together with a realistic goal of winning a qualifying spot to the World Championship Ironman in Kona in the 45-49 year old age group!

Aldo Borges
Guayaquil, Ecuador