Competitive Ironman Nutrition Planning

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The following is a suggested guideline for reducing the likelihood of an inrace stomach “shutdown” while eating prior to, during, and immediately following an Ironman-distance race for experienced athletes who are focused on fast times or race placement. If your goal is to finish the race then the pacing instructions here will be too aggressive, but the refueling suggestions may still be effective.
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Nutrition and Hydration for Training & Racing

Lots of people think that if you run or work out a lot, you can eat anything you want, because you’ll burn it off. Well, that’s not quite accurate, although you will need to eat more if you’re training heavily. But as you continue to train, you’re going to find that at certain times your workouts go really well, and at others you’re dragging yourself through them. The difference is usually linked to one of three reasons: 1) How much sleep you’re getting, 2) how well your body has recovered or 3) how well you’ve been eating and drinking (both quality and quantity).
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