Training Intensity Levels
Rating of Perceived Exertion

Zone Level 


  Rating Description ofEffort




Percentage of Maximum Heart Rate


  0 Nothing at all Light to moderate effort. Mild increase in breathing. Generally used for active recovery 50- 60%
    .5 Very, Very Light
IIExtensive Endurance   1 Very Light Moderate Effort. Noticeable increase in breathing. Used for endurance building and active recovery. 61- 70%
  2 Light
IIIIntensive Endurance   4 Fairly Light Conversational Pace. Can speak in full sentences, but breathing is elevated. Endurance building zone 71- 80%
  5 Moderate
  6 Somewhat Hard
IVSub- Threshold   7 Hard Trying to speak starts to become difficult. Considered “no mans land”- Not hard enough for LT training, but hard enough to require additional recovery time until next workout. Also considered Tempo Pace 81-90%
VaSuper- Threshold


  8 Very Hard LT Zone (bottom of Va). For LT Training. Over 91%


  9 Very, Very Hard Sprinting, VO2Max training


  10 Maximum Effort Maximum effort. Extremely short efforts. Neuromuscular training.