Hiring a Training Coach is a very personal decision!

Whether you’re a seasoned, elite-level endurance athlete, or someone who is pursuing a breakthrough goal by venturing into the endurance world, Inspired Performance Multisport is sensitive to the busy lives into which most athletes have to fit their training. We look at the spectrum of your life’s other commitments and develop a custom fitted program of training that provides a pathway to an Inspired Performance based on solid training foundations, and coaching that guides you along the way!

The process of becoming an Inspired Performance Multisport athlete starts with the development of a comprehensive profile of you as an individual. We take into account your career, family and social obligations; consider your health and injury history that may impact the structure of training that we provide; we conduct an in-depth discussion with you about your goals and motivations; and we assist you with developing clarity about the path ahead (there’s nothing so intimidating as the “fear of the unknown”).

Trust Inspired Performance Multisport with your endurance sport goals. We understand how important it is to you to shatter the goal. That’s why we always say, we transform your commitment into results!

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Inspired Performance Highlights


It's still relatively early in the season, but we already have so much to be proud of. First, camp was a huge success with some of the nicest athletes showing up! Weather was a bit warm, but we were able to change up the training schedule a bit to avoid the hottest part of the day!

Congratulations are in order for a number of our athletes, who's performances have truly been inspiring.

Rich Kiser, finished the Double Triple Bypass in Colorado. Two days and over 200 miles of riding over 6 mountain passes and 20,000 feet of climbing. This in preparation for IM Boulder. Congratulations, Rich.

Joe B, great performances at the New Jersey State Tri, completing the Sprint Distance on Saturday and the Olympic on Sunday.

Gail K, Awesome job and  PR at Ironman Lake Placid. You really kicked butt...after telling your coach how injured and under the weather you felt. It's not April Fools day, Gail (we'll get you fo this!).

Jason N, Another PR at Ironman Lake Placid following your really solid training. A well deserved result, Jason. Congratulations.

Bob G, weathered some challenging circumstances, yet persevered and finished at Ironman Lake Placid with a solid time. Bob, you are so inspiring with your "adapt and overcome" attitude (sorry, shameless quote from one of my favorite movies, Heart Break Ridge).

Peter Jones, Stellar result of 4:50:21 at Victoria 70.3 followed by an 11:51.44 at Ironman Canada on a really challenging, windy day!

Keep it going Team! Congratulations to all for the results so far and all the best for a safe and successful season.



Training Camp Highlights- 2016

Thank you to all of our athletes who trained with us during our 2016 camp at Lake Placid. Please look for our announcement for next year as we start planning for our 10th annual Triathlon Training Camp at Lake Placid! Click Here to Read More

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Determining Your HR Zones- An Easy Self Test

Determining your Heart Rate Zones An Easy Way to Self-Test There are several ways to determine your Heart Rate Training Zones, some of which are more accurate than others. Testing in a lab where blood samples are drawn and measured for Lactic Acid is very accurate, but expensive. Subtracting your age from 220 (224 for women), or using the similar (Karvonen) formula is easy, but can be off by 15- 20%. And your maximum heart rate has nothing to do with determining your training zones. Your training zones are developed […]

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